Instantaneous Transformation ®
With Ariel & Shya Kane

An exciting exploration which opens the door
to living in the moment

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Ariel and Shya Kane, whose column In the Moment has been published in magazines internationally and across the United States, lead popular workshops worldwide for thousands of people. They show them how to reveal and dissolve the mechanical behaviors and barriers that limit their lives and keep them stuck in memories of the past or plans for the future. They call this "Instantaneous Transformation ®" - an experience in which people live in the present moment and reclaim their natural ability to access this state at will. The Kanes do not teach techniques; rather, they empower people to discover their own inherent ability to transform themselves.

Being with Ariel & Shya Kane is a radical departure from working on oneself to bring about change. It is about a state change, a shifting of realities. The slightest shift in one's reality can produce a quantum shift in one's life -- Instantaneous Transformation ®. Trying to describe what Ariel and Shya do is one those "you'd have to be there" situations, because being there seems to be the key. Being in each moment is what they are all about. What makes the Kanes' work unique is that participants are discovering fulfillment in their lives without working on themselves.

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Getting more Information and Contacting the Kanes

Contacting Ariel and Shya Kane is easy!

The Kanes live in the New York area and will be leading workshops throughout the year in New York City, California, Texas, Germany and Bali, Indonesia.

For further information about any events with Ariel & Shya, call: (908) 479-6034 or send email to:, or snail mail to:

208 E. 51st Street, Suite 137
New York, NY 10022

To be on the Kanes mailing list, send email to: and put the word "subscribe" in the body of the message. By being on this mailing list, you will find out about new events, new audio tapes for sale and other information concerning the Kanes.

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